LOWAPOL product portfolio

Whether you are a small company or a global corporation, we can help you find the ideal plastics solution.
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Our high-performance PP and PE compounds can be processed in a wide process window, making them ideal for the manufacture of thermoformed or injection-moulded products.

Our environmentally friendly alternative for your polymer materials, with a wide range of properties. Whether natural fibre fillers or bio-based polymer matrix; we will find a sustainable solution for your applications.

Our compounds based on PC-ABS blends are the perfect choice for robust and durable components!

LOWABLEND compounds offer an excellent combination of high impact strength, stiffness and thermal stability, for demanding applications.

Compounds based on ABS, MABS, SAN and ASA make up our diverse LOWATECH portfolio. Their excellent combination of impact strength, chemical resistance, processability and temperature resistance, make them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Our PBT-based compounds offer high strength and stiffness, excellent durability, chemical resistance and heat resistance. They are ideal for applications in electrical engineering, automotive and many other industries.

Our polyamide-based compounds offer a superior combination of strength, durability and heat resistance to meet your demanding requirements in almost any technical application.

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