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LOWAPOL is your reliable partner for customised plastic compounds.


As a LOWAPOL customer, you benefit from our many years of experience, our high quality standards and our flexibility. We work closely with you to develop customised solutions that are perfectly matched to your requirements. Our compounds are robust, reliable and offer an outstanding performance spectrum.



Sustainability and the circular economy are particularly close to our hearts.


We are proud that with our products and services we can help to reduce environmental impact and create a sustainable future. We rely on innovative technologies and environmentally friendly materials to make our products as environmentally friendly as possible.

If you are looking for a reliable and sustainable partner for your plastics processing industry, LOWAPOL is the right place for you. Contact us today and let's shape the future together!


"As engineers, we see working in the circular economy as a real opportunity to do something for the future and our grandchildren."

Nico Laufer


For more than 15 years, I have been contributing my knowledge and skills to the plastics processing industry and helping our customers to perfect the properties of their materials. In doing so, the topic of sustainability has a special significance for me. Through my work in the field of the Circular Economy, I try to reconcile resource efficiency and recyclability.

Dr. Volker Weißmann


As a native of Mecklenburg who has worked for and with the plastics industry for more than 20 years, I carry the mentality of the people from this region into the industry. My passion lies in the field of additive manufacturing technologies, which eventually led to my doctorate. With a deep understanding of this technology, my focus is on linking product and material development projects. 

Stefan Ofe


I have been working in the plastics industry for 15 years and am an expert in the analysis of plastics properties. My main interest is the analysis of complex material compositions and the development of measures to improve processing and application properties. I am pleased that my work can contribute to making the plastics industry more sustainable and environmentally friendly, reducing waste and using resources more efficiently.

"We look forward to a positive, trusting, cooperative and long-term relationship with you!"

research cooperation

 The close connection to the Institut für Polymer- und Produktionstechnologien e.V. enables us to scientifically evaluate all relevant plastic properties.

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