plastics recycling

for a cleaner environment and a more sustainable future

improvement of the CO2-balance


The use of recycled plastics helps to improve the carbon footprint by reducing climate-damaging emissions from the production and disposal of plastics.

protection of the enviroment


Non-recycled plastics can end up in the environment and pollute marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Recycling plastics will help reduce potential environmental damage.

conservation of resources


Plastics are valuable resources that should not be wasted. Recycling plastics can conserve resources by turning them into new products instead of disposing of them.

our mission

LOWAPOL is committed to the topic of sustainability and circular economy.

Our corporate actions are geared towards reconciling ecological goals and economic responsibility.

We regard plastic waste as a valuable resource.

We are working to significantly increase the proportion of recycled plastics in new products and to establish a circular economy for plastics.

Our goal is to improve the recyclability of plastic products to meet the needs of the market.

our promise

We help you to use recycled plastics successfully!

  • Together, we analyze your needs regarding the use of recycled plastic in yourcompany.
  • In doing so, we also take into account requirements for the quality of the recycled plastic.
  • We find the optimal recycled plastics for you under technical and financial aspects.
  • We support you in determining the CO2 savings.

Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to hearing your ideas and helping you achieve your goals.

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